Saturday, February 26, 2011


some studies I did over the last few days, I took them with my iPod because I'm too lazy to scan everything xD

yeah they mostly suck, but I won't give up °__°


worked far too long on those colors... I hate to work with layers again D: it was so much more fun with open canvas .___. but now it is gooone *cry*

definitely need to do more color studies ....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cloudy Commission

°3° it was fun to draw the clouds |D

I still have to practice a looot D:

Collab 100 Theme Challange

trying to do a 100 theme challenge again, but this time together with saimen /lv
we'll draw request from Gaia Online members, because I am not so creative in the last time and drawing someones elses OCs can be fun


this time it did the sketch on the computer too... I am really bad at sketching on the computer, but I really should learn it if I want to save some paper xD"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Couple Commission

Gaia Online again :D

I hope I can soon start practicing backgrounds again °-°"""

Saimen Gaia Commission

two commissions again.... I'm losing my motivation to draw again ... but I don't want to give up again so fast T___T

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watercolor Experimental

yeah I tried something... and failed o_o I didn't want to use waterproof liners, but after I was done I wasn't happy about the dirty-look I generally like o_o and the colors are.. bwah. xD

Nageki looks cute in this anyways ~ x3

Gaia Commission / Gaia Chibi

Used Sai for the first time of my live °-° it took forever... but I think I'll get used to it, as it is my only possible program I can use for now...

The picture on the bottom is after a reference the person wanted me to use °-° I did fail in many aspects but I don't care xD ... at least I draw again T^T

Watercolor Chibis

Chibis of my Gaia Avatar :3

Watercolor Quickies

some quick pictures I did with watercolor /lv

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gaia Commission

didn't draw for some time now cause I got frustrated again... but now I've got to work only 2 days per week, so I have more time and give it a try again x.x

It always motivates me to have small artshops on Gaia Online, even if I only draw for pixelgold its a great way to motivate myself to actually finish something xD"

so here are some results of the last days ^^