Sunday, August 22, 2010


things I drew when I was home in this summer :o my father kept complaining about the clouds xD


yea some character sketch looking all dirty n stuff D: blah



random stuff from sketchbook and some other watercolor works


tried some method~ popular for realistic drawing, but I wanted to keep it artistic so.. :D


my best friend :3

Gaia again

a watercolor comissions aaand my avi /lv
he already looks different though... xD

Gaia Commissions

and more :D the one on the top is the only one I actually drew today xD

Gaia Commission

comissions again :3 loved to draw the catgirlthing xD

unfinished fish and a frog

Flowers on Canvas


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Old~ I keep drawing almost every day... so I have a whole bunch of new stuff I should scan, but I'm just too lazy and I have to post this crap before I'm coming up with the new.